Conducting a Condominium Association Meeting

A successful condo association meeting starts with careful planning. By setting a clear agenda and preparing meeting materials ahead of time, you can set the board up for a productive discussion. Here are some more suggestions for conducting a well-run board meeting. 

Tips for Conducting Condo Board Meetings

Most board members and unit owners agree that time is at a premium and everyone wants to be efficient in achieving shared goals. Previously, we’ve shared some tips for saving time during meetings, which you can read about here. Below are some other things to consider as you plan for a successful condo board meeting.

  • Make sure meeting notices are sent ahead of time and the meeting follows all procedures outlined in your association’s governing documents. Most meetings require a quorum.
  • Prepare the meeting space ahead of time and ensure any technology needs are accounted for
  • Appoint a meeting chair.
  • Set the agenda. Typical agendas include a call to order, roll call, approval of minutes from the previous meeting, reports from officers and committees, old business, new business, open forum, and adjournment.
  • Be punctual during the meeting. 
  • Ensure meeting minutes are recorded

Productive board meetings enable your Chicago condo association to thrive and instill trust and transparency in the elected board members. At First Community Management, we help condo associations throughout the greater Chicago area prepare and distribute meeting notices and ensure their meetings are well-run and effective. To learn more about our services, please get in touch.

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