What You Need to Know About a Condo Board Meeting

With an average of just 4-5 condo board meetings per year, there’s a lot that has to happen at each meeting. Crammed into these meetings needs to be a discussion about the association’s budget, any current or planned improvement projects, or other issues affecting the community. It’s important that board meetings follow a clear agenda in order to be productive and make good use of everyone’s time. Here are some other things to know about condo board meetings in Illinois.

Types of Condo Association Board Meetings in Chicago

Being focused during board meetings will ensure your goals are met. There are a variety of meetings you can host to accomplish your objectives. Examples include:

  • Regular sessions/open meetings – This is the most common type of board meeting and one in which all unit owners may attend. Often they’re held monthly or quarterly, and this is when the community’s operations, finances and other business concerns are addressed. 
  • Executive sessions/closed meetings – Closed-session meetings are a time when board members may discuss sensitive issues without other owners present. Illinois law allows only six matters to be addressed in a closed session, and no voting can take place during these meetings. 
  • Committee meetings – A smaller subset of members may meet during committee meetings to address specific tasks. Meeting minutes should still be recorded during these meetings.

Additionally, board members may need to host an emergency meeting or choose to schedule work sessions to discuss specific topics more in-depth. All open session meetings must be given proper notice to the community and should be conducted in accordance with your association’s governing documents. 

To learn more about the types of meetings Chicago condo associations need to host and get help with all aspects of association management, contact us at First Community Management.  

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