How to Prepare for an HOA Board Campaign

If you’ve decided to run for a seat on your condo association’s board of directors, now is the time to prepare. While there is a formal process, you’ll need to follow to get your name on the ballot, there are several other steps you can also take to improve your chances of winning. Below we’ll discuss some of the must-dos and should-dos to prepare for a successful HOA board member election campaign.

Getting Ready for a Successful Campaign Run

Set your campaign up for success by following these tips to win a seat on your Chicago condo association’s board of directors.

  • Get to know your governing documents: You should become familiar with your association’s bylaws and governing documents for several reasons. Not only will you need to know their contents for effectively serving on the board, but the bylaws also will dictate the formal process you must follow to get your name on the ballot.
  • Review association financial statements: One of the biggest responsibilities HOA board members have is to manage the association’s budget. If this is to be your job, you must familiarize yourself with the current state of affairs. Here are some things to look for when reviewing condo financial statements. 
  • Be an active community member: You’ll improve your odds of election if you become a more active participant in community events, including attending HOA board meetings. Attending board meetings demonstrates your commitment to the HOA and will enable you to make positive contributions in meetings.
  • Meet your neighbors: Effective board members engage with their community and listen to issues that are on owners’ minds. Challenge yourself to meet as many members as you can. Introduce yourself and engage in conversations about issues that matter to them. Owners are much more likely to vote for a face that is recognizable to them. 
  • Follow the formal nomination processes: When election season rolls around, the current board will put out a call for candidate nominations. Be sure to review the nomination guidelines and pay special attention to deadlines. 
  • Create a campaign platform: As part of your campaign, you’ll want to create a platform and write a candidate statement. Through these channels you will introduce yourself and the issues most important to you. An effective platform will take into account community feedback that you’ve gathered while meeting other neighbors. 

Running an effective election campaign for a seat on your association’s board of directors takes some preparation and a genuine commitment to the community. Get to know your neighbors and be sure to understand the formal process for nomination to improve your chances of winning the election. If you have questions about board member responsibilities, get in touch with us at First Community Management. 

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