How are Communication and Transparency Ensured Among the Board, Members, and Management?

Anyone who’s played the game of “telephone” as a child knows how quickly a simple message can get completely transformed after it’s been passed around the circle from person to person. While it’s all fun and games for young children sitting in a park, communication errors can cause serious problems when major decisions are involved, like those that get made by a Chicago condo association board.

To safeguard against miscommunication, it’s important to have policies and procedures in place to ensure transparency among all stakeholders of the association. Not only is clear and timely communication important for conveying key community information, but it also helps instill greater trust and confidence in the board.

Keys to Clear Communication and Transparency in Your Condo Association

There are several steps your condo association can take to ensure seamless communication in your community. Here are a few best practices.

●  Hold regular meetings – Holding open-session meetings is one of the best ways to reach your membership and communicate directly with unit owners.

●  Post board meeting agendas and minutes in accessible locations – Members should be able to review past board meetings and know what to expect at upcoming meetings.

●  Offer clear channels for communication – Every unit owner should know who to call or email if they have a question or concern. Your association management company may be able to resolve many of the questions they receive. Other concerns can be passed directly through to the association board.

Keeping all unit owners informed of association interests and decisions is an essential role of serving on your Chicago condo board. An association management company like ours at First Community Management can be an effective partner in achieving all your goals. Contact us today to learn more about our full-service management solutions for Chicago condo associations and how we can help your board.