Voting Requirements for Illinois HOA Board Member Elections

In Illinois, the specific voting requirements for condo association board member elections can vary based on the association’s governing documents, so be sure to review your HOA’s bylaws and declaration to understand the rules and procedures relevant to your association. Holding fair and transparent elections is crucial for maintaining trust and engagement in your community.

Here are a few considerations to keep in mind when it comes to voting requirements for Chicago condo association board member elections.

  • Determine eligibility to vote: Your association’s governing documents should specify who is eligible to vote in board member elections. Eligibility may be limited to homeowners in good standing, meaning they are current on their assessments and not in violation of any association rules.
  • Specify voting methods: Governing documents may outline the methods by which homeowners can cast their votes. This could include in-person voting at a meeting, mail-in ballots, proxy voting or electronic voting. The chosen method should comply with both state law and the association’s governing documents. If your HOA allows proxy voting, the rules should be clearly outlined in the governing documents. In some cases, there may be restrictions on who can serve as a proxy and how many proxies an individual can hold.
  • Identify quorum requirements: A quorum is the minimum number of eligible voters that must be present or represented for the election to be valid. Refer to your governing documents to see if there are quorum requirements for board member elections. 
  • Ensure proper meeting notice: Be sure to provide adequate advance notice of all board meetings. The meeting notice should include information about the date, time and location of the election, as well as details about the candidates.

Condo association board members should familiarize themselves with the specific voting requirements outlined in their governing documents and the rules surrounding fair elections. If you have any questions about association management in Chicago, get in touch with us at First Community Management.

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