How to Onboard New Board Members

After a board election, there will be a transition period where newly elected members must get up to speed on HOA leadership processes and procedures. As when embarking on anything new, there will be a learning curve, but veteran board members and your association management company can help ease the transition for new members. Below we’ll discuss some ways to help welcome the new leadership team.

Prepare a Welcome Package

A welcome package that includes essential documents, such as the association’s bylaws, governing documents, meeting schedules and recent meeting minutes, can provide a helpful overview of the association’s structure and operations. In the package, it can also be helpful to provide an overview of the roles and responsibilities of board members. This should include an understanding of fiduciary duties, decision-making processes and the legal obligations of serving on the board.

Schedule a Meet-and-Greet

An informal gathering can help break the ice and facilitate future collaboration. Arrange a meeting or social gathering where new board members can meet and interact with current board members. Be sure to also invite the association management company. This helps build relationships and fosters a sense of camaraderie among the board and condo association partners.

Pair New Members with a Mentor

Consider implementing a mentorship program where new board members are paired with experienced members. This provides an opportunity for one-on-one guidance, answering questions, and offering insights into the nuances of association governance.

Conduct Training Sessions

Shorten the learning curve by offering training sessions to familiarize new board members with the association’s financial processes, budgeting, reserve funds, and any specific procedures or software used by the association.

Any Questions? Ask Your Association Management Company

Effective onboarding sets the stage for a positive and productive experience for new HOA board members. If you have questions about any aspect of association management, including financial responsibilities, meeting procedures and management, contact us at First Community Management. We partner with more than 115 HOAs in the greater Chicago area and are here to help your association thrive.

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