What Your Condo Association Should Look for in a Security Company


Everyone deserves to feel safe in their homes. Owners of property in a Chicago condo association are no different – in fact, they may expect even a higher level of security than those in the public given the shared resources and benefits of living in the association.

As members of your association’s board of directors, selecting the right security measures for your community requires you to reflect on your association’s needs and budget. What do you most need help with in terms of security, and how much have you allocated in your annual budget for a security company?

Here are some other things to consider as you evaluate which security measures to implement in your Chicago condo association.

How to Select a Security Company for Your Chicago Condo Association

When choosing a security company for your community, consider the following benefits and qualifications:

●  Professionally trained and licensed – If your Condo Association is looking to hire a staffed security position, you should ensure that the security firm you hire staffs only trained and certified professionals who are adept at handling all types of security situations. Security guards must have strong critical thinking skills and be able to communicate well with owners, guests and others. They must also act with a high level of professionalism.

●  Insured – The security company should also carry its own insurance to protect its staff and your condo association. Otherwise, your association could be liable.

●  Technologically competent – Should your association be looking for security systems, such as security cameras or other technology to keep outsiders out, look for a service provider that understands the capabilities your condo association needs and how to monitor your property effectively. Alternatively, the security company may provide surveillance technology for the association to manage, in which case they will also need to understand how it works. In that scenario, ensure that training is included with installation.

●  Cost – As with any investment, it pays to compare costs and features across multiple security companies. If something sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Be sure to understand the security company’s pricing structure and any contractual obligations you are entering into before signing on with one.

Keeping your unit owners safe is part of the association’s commitment to its members. If you need help considering the security needs for your Chicago association, contact us at First Community Management today. We help condo associations throughout the greater Chicago area with all of their association management needs.