Tips for Cultivating Community in Your Chicago HOA

An engaged community is a strong community, yet it’s often the same few people who end up raising their hands to participate in community events or volunteer for board positions. Not only can this take a toll on those who are doing the heavy lifting, but it also means the condo association as a whole feels less connected. 

When HOA members are engaged, they’re more likely to feel a sense of belonging to the community and be open to collaborating on community initiatives. Here are some suggestions for encouraging greater participation and engagement from your fellow neighbors.

  • Host HOA community events – Planned community events are an effective way to bring condo owners together, create social connections and encourage fun. If you have the budget to include food or entertainment, all the better. Consider forming a committee that can spearhead the event planning. And remember, the events don’t have to be major undertakings. Simply offering opportunities to get together regularly can be all it takes to boost engagement. 
  • Communicate regularly – The board can encourage greater engagement by communicating consistently and transparently. Open communication helps build trust and might also encourage residents to participate in community activities.
  • Support residents – and celebrate! – If you have milestones in your community, celebrate them! Success stories, volunteer efforts, acts of kindness, whatever the achievement, be sure to highlight it. A supported community is an engaged community.
  • Lead by example – As a board member, you’ve already got a lot on your plate, but by participating in community events, volunteering for committees, and demonstrating a commitment to open communication may inspire others to get involved.

Community engagement doesn’t happen overnight, but taking steps to encourage participation in association initiatives will benefit the entire HOA. If your HOA needs help with any aspect of association management, including communication and engagement efforts,  get in touch with us at First Community Management. We partner with more than 115 HOAs in the greater Chicago area and are here to help your association.

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