How do I dispute late fees or other charges on my account?

You must submit a request in writing to your Board of Directors or management company stating what fees are disputed and why. Make sure to submit any documentation that supports your request. The Board of Directors will review your request at the next Board Meeting. Be patient, the Board cannot review the request and make a decision without holding a meeting. The request will be discussed in a closed session of the meeting since it pertains to your unpaid account balance.

What does my property manager do?

Your community manager works primarily with the Board of Directors to ensure the maintenance, financial and operational needs of the association are being met. The manager inspects the physical aspects of the property, looking for damage to common elements, checking on contractor’s work and documenting rule infractions. A manager solicits bids from vendors, collects information about insurance and financial services, as well as owner requests and then presents it to the Board of Directors for review and action at board meetings. While managers offer guidance and advice, the Board of Directors makes decisions.

What is the role of the Board of Directors?

Your management company and Board of Directors work together to determine short term and long terms goals that will best meet the physical, financial and procedural needs of the Association. The Board makes the decisions and the management company follows through with implementing approved projects and procedures.

The Board will usually meet at least four times per year to transact business. Occasionally special meetings will be called to discuss and make decisions on time-sensitive issues.

Why do I need to complete a form each year with my contact information?

Complete and current contact information for owner, tenant and an alternate in case of emergency is crucial for a management company to perform its day-to-day operations, as well as to effectively respond to an emergency. Submitting information on pets, automobiles and insurance can also significantly help a management company when a problem arises.

While you may think nothing has changed, completing the form may trigger something new or different from the previous year. Taking five minutes to fill out the form will give you peace of mind knowing that in the event of an emergency or problem, management will be able to better assist you.