How are a Condo Building’s Internet and Cable Services Managed?

The ways in which condo associations manage “optional” services like internet and cable vary from association to association. There’s no one solution HOAs prefer, and there’s certainly no one service provider Chicagoans go with. Below we share some common approaches Illinois community associations take when it comes to managing internet and cable services in condo buildings.

  • A bulk contract – Some condo associations negotiate bulk contracts with internet and cable service providers to secure reduced rates for all unit owners. In this scenario, the association selects a specific service provider or providers to serve the entire building. Then, unit owners pay a monthly fee as part of their assessments, which covers the shared cost of the bulk services. 
  • Individual contracts – Another approach is for individual unit owners to contract directly with internet and cable service providers. Each unit owner selects their preferred service provider and subscribes to the services they desire. Unit owners are responsible for the costs associated with their chosen services, and they typically pay their service bills directly to the providers. In some instances, the condo building may have pre-installed wired infrastructure that allows unit owners to easily connect to a range of service providers.
  • Internet/cable for common areas – In condo buildings with shared amenities or common areas, the condo association may choose to provide internet and cable services just for these areas. The costs for these shared services would fall under the association’s budget.

To tackle technology challenges, some condo associations opt to form technology committees or subcommittees to research and propose the best solutions for addressing internet, cable, security and other tech-related issues facing the HOA. Seeking input from community members is another good way to understand individual preferences for tech services.

Managing your Chicago community association’s internet and cable needs will depend on the specific preferences and priorities of your HOA. Before making any decisions, the issue should be discussed as an agenda item at a board meeting.

To ask all your questions about living in an HOA community and serving on your board of directors, get in touch with our team at First Community Management. We partner with more than 115 HOAs in the greater Chicago area and are here to help you and your association.

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