What Should be Included in a Condo Association Maintenance Plan?


Prevention is always the best medicine when it comes to condo maintenance here in Chicago. Though often not fun (and sometimes quite expensive), maintenance projects are the key to sustaining – and growing – property values for your condo building. Not to mention, they also help your association avoid even more expensive repairs down the road. That saves time and money for everyone.

As you consider what to include in your Chicago condo association maintenance plan, keep these 5 areas in mind.

  1. Your building’s exterior – On at least an annual basis, you inspect the exterior of your condo building. How is your foundation holding up? Does your roof need any repairs? Are exterior vents still clean and well-functioning?
  1. Your building’s interior – On the inside, you should also be on the lookout for leaks and cracks in the ceiling, walls and floors. Make sure vents are still clean and any potential hazards are fixed promptly.
  1. Your association’s utilities – All lines coming in and out of the building and any shared association property should be inspected regularly for damage. Water lines, phone lines, gas lines and electric lines can all be susceptible to damage. The building’s air conditioner, furnace and water heater should also be regularly inspected and tuned up.
  1. Common area maintenance – This is a catch-all category that includes interior and exterior maintenance tasks, such as landscaping, lighting, pavement and parking, etc. This is also a good time to review your association’s security measures and consider what, if any, steps you should take to improve security.
  1. Condo association amenities – If your community has facilities like a fitness center or pool, check the safety status of these areas regularly. Loose parts or broken items are easy to fix but dangerous and costly to ignore.

Protect your condo association with a thorough maintenance plan and commit to making timely repairs whenever an issue arises. For help with all aspects of managing your Chicago condo association, get in touch with us at First Community Management.