Skill Before You Drill


If you plan to do remodeling in your unit, be sure you review your Association’s governing documents, find skilled licensed & insured contractors, and get approval from the Board of Directors before starting any home improvement projects.

Many associations place restrictions on the days of the week and hours of the day that contractors can perform work, materials that can be used (especially for flooring installation), installation procedures, debris removal, etc.  Major projects involving plumbing, cabinetry, electrical, flooring and moving walls will likely need approval of the Board of Directors, which will require contractor specifications, proof of insurance and construction permits as part of the approval process.

If you live in a townhome or single family home community, don’t paint or change any portion of the exterior without checking your Rules.  There are usually Board approved colors and products to be used. 

Failure to review your Rules & Regulations prior to starting a remodeling project can result in fines and legal action brought against the owner to restore the property to its original state. Failure to select a skilled licensed contractor can result in poor craftmanship that causes damage to other units and/or the common elements.

Give yourself ample time to move through this process.  The parties involved will require time to review documents, follow-up with additional requests if needed, and issue an approval. Though following the rules and taking the proper steps for approval of constructions projects may take more time, you will avoid headaches and increased costs down the road.