How to Improve your Condo Association\’s Security


Ask any property owner, and security is likely one of their top concerns. Keeping outsiders out and insiders feeling safe and secure 24/7 needs to be a priority for any Chicago condo association. As you assess your association’s current security measures and look for areas to improve, keep these considerations in mind.

General Property Maintenance

When thinking about security, property maintenance may not be the first thing that comes to mind, but keeping a tidy exterior is actually a very important part of improving your condo association’s overall security. Consider things like overgrown bushes and shrubs. They make easy hiding places for opportunistic criminals. Burnt-out lightbulbs or damaged fences? These also present vulnerabilities in terms of security.

Owner Education

Another easy yet important step you can take to improve security in your condo association is to make sure that individual members of your association know what to do to keep your community safe. Members should never let other people slip into the building behind them, and they should always alert your association management company or condo board if they see any suspicious activity.

Enhanced Technology

Conducting annual security assessments is a best practice for Chicago condo associations. At least once a year you should identify and review all of your current security measures and risks. Don’t forget spaces like parking and other community areas.

Take note of how effectively your current security technology is working, its cost, and if new technology would better suit your needs. Some condo boards choose to create a security subcommittee to review and monitor the effectiveness of their security systems.

Additional Security Measures

Lastly, you could consider hiring a third party to improve your Chicago condo association’s security. Security companies staff professionally trained guards to keep watch of your property. Before hiring one, be sure to look for these skills and qualifications.

Monitoring the security of your condo association is an ongoing responsibility, and often there are areas that can be improved. For help identifying gaps in your security measures or assistance with any of your association’s many other needs, please get in touch with us at First Community Management today. We offer full-service management for Chicago condo associations.