How Often Are Condo Buildings Inspected in Chicago?

The City of Chicago requires a host of inspections for condominium properties, and the requirements vary depending on the building’s structure and whether it contains certain items, such as elevators, boilers, backflow valves, metal structures and many others. To understand the inspection requirements for your condo association, it’s best to partner with a local association management company that can help ensure that you’re meeting all the required inspection deadlines for your property.

Condo Building Inspection Requirements in Chicago

In Chicago, the frequency of inspections for condo buildings can vary depending on the property as well as specific regulations and requirements set forth by the city and other governing bodies.

For buildings with elevators and other conveying devices, for example, building owners must hire state-licensed, third-party inspection companies to inspect their elevators annually. The Annual Inspection Certification (AIC) program details the program and process for complying with these specific regulations.

Additionally, condo buildings with exposed metal structures including fire escapes, water tank supports, antenna towers, and other metal structures are required to be inspected every five years.

Examples of other types of building inspection and reporting requirements include facade inspections (which must be done every two years), energy benchmarking reporting requirements (conducted annually) and annual property registration.

It\’s important to note that regulations and inspection frequencies can change over time, so be sure to consult the current guidelines and requirements set by the City of Chicago and relevant authorities to obtain accurate and up-to-date information on inspection frequencies for condo buildings in the area. If you have questions about condo building inspection requirements, please contact us at First Community Management today.